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Spotlight On: Jackson "Butch" Guice

Jackson "Butch" Guice is one of those rare artistic talents that only gets better with age. With his discovery of comics at age ten, it was love at first sight. After a few initial fanzine publications, he got his first big break in 1981 drawing Micronauts for Marvel Comics. Since then the artist has happily enjoyed a long career illustrating for a number of publishers, including Marvel, DC, Disney, CrossGen, Humanoids, Acclaim, IDW, and Valiant. Highlights of his career include co-creating one of the earliest Epic Comics series (Swords of the Swashbucklers), drawing Action Comics during the Death of Superman, co-creating and drawing the first issues of X-Factor (including the first introduction of the character Apocalypse), drawing Resurrection Man and Birds of Prey runs at DC, co-creating the Eisner and Harvey Award-nominated Ruse at CrossGen, and helping launch the Winter Soldier in his own series at Marvel. Recently he reunited with writer Chuck Dixon to revive the Winter World series at IDW and is now busy illustrating a steady stream of covers for a number of publishers as well as drawing interiors for both the Bloodshot and Ninjak series at Valiant. And after 30 plus years of daily fun, he still believes he has the best job in the world. Butch's delicate photo realistic style, masterful storytelling techniques, and fluid figure drawing skills make him an unstoppable force in comic art today.



Art Wanted: Richard Powers

Being a collector myself, I am always searching for new examples from some favorite comic book, illustration,  and strip artists. I'm actively seeking pieces from  artists Dick Dillin, Bob Brown, Frank Robbins, Jerry Grandenetti, Irv Novick, Dino Busett, Yalcin Dagli, Jim Aparo, George Tuska, Jesse Marsh, Tom Sutton, Kerry Gammill, Frank Thorne, John Rosenberger, George Wilson, Mario Caria, Mike Sekowsky, Alex Nino, Aslan Sukur, Jim Holdaway, Jesse Santos, Don Newton, Doug Wildey, and Alex Kotzky. I am also interested in Warren Magazine artists, and foreign Tarzan or Lassie cover art. Featured here is the fantastic work of artist Richard Powers. Please contact me if you have artwork to sell or trade from the illustrators listed above. Thank you.



Spain's Hero...El Jabato

With his first appearance in 1958 by writer Víctor Mora and illustrated mainly by artist Francisco Darnís, Spain's El Jabato, "The Young Wild Boar", was set in ancient Rome with a colorful cast of enduring characters.  Similar in theme to Mora's other popular series, Capitán Trueno, the feature found its own audience with daring tales of action and adventure. The story revolves around two Iberian warriors, El Jabato and his gluttonous sidekick, Taurus, who are taken from their homeland to the Roman empire. The lovely Claudia is also a introduced in the first issue, who eventually becomes a Christian. As the series progressed over the years, so did the supporting cast, including the Greek poet Phideus of Miletus, who teases Taurus to no end with verses and song of their escapades on his lyre, which the giant often tries to destroy. Later the boy Tai-Li is added to the storyline as well as a tiger called Bambu and a monkey named Bongo. Extremely popular in Spain during its time of dictatorship, it ran three hundred and one issues uninterrupted before a Spanish comic-book crisis affected the title. It also was featured as a backup for one hundred fifty seven issues in "El  Capitán Trueno Extra and its own El Jabato Extra for fifty two appearances. 


Art For Sale

Emilio Angeles
Tarzan of the Apes #313 Cover Fantastic Mexican Novaro cover from the 1970s with Edgar Rice Burroughs jungle lord saving a hostage. OFFERS

Bruce Bolinger
"Another Name" Gag Cartoon One strict host can really hurt your business as shown on this great cartoon. $30.00
"Atheists" Gag Cartoon Side-tickling example of one cartoonist take on room service in heaven! $30.00
"Ballet Two Two" Gag Cartoon A big ballet star might need to work up to a Three-Three on this gag cartoon. $30.00
"Baptism & Carwash" Gag Cartoon Join us for a two for one sale tonight in the parking lot! $30.00
"Bring Your Own Toilet" Gag Cartoon Two dogs plan for an upcoming party on this fun piece. $30.00
"Burnt Offerings" Gag Cartoon A preacher gets an invitation to dinner on this amusing piece. $30.00
"Carry Management" Gag Cartoon Fun-filled strip with a free ride for managers from their over worked employees! $25.00
"Chained Lawyer" Gag Cartoon A counselor is putting in too much time in the office on this funny example. $30.00
"Crop Circles" Gag Cartoon Charming panel cartoon from the popular Cracked Magazine artist. $25.00
"Desert Island" Gag Cartoon Even recycling hits the comic strip as featured on the fun piece. $25.00
"Designated Twitter" Gag Cartoon What everyone should have on those long road trips. $25.00
"Ding Dong" Gag Cartoon A bell ringer needs instructions on this amusing panel cartoon $30.00
"Doctor's Advice" Gag Cartoon Nice piece where a doctor tries to break the news gently to an old patient. $30.00
"Dog Marathon" Gag Cartoon Amusing one panel gag with a dog racing for a drink! $30.00
"Doppel Gang" Gag Cartoon Hilarious panel piece from one of the longest lasting humor artist in comics. $25.00
"Eddie's Signs" Gag Cartoon Eddie asked his customer how fast do you need this sign again? $30.00
"Emotional Tool Box" Gag Cartoon Another fun piece from the popular Crazy Magazine cartoonist! $30.00
"Extreme Managing" Gag Cartoon Be prepared to wear a helmet when you take a course in extreme managing. $30.00
"Garden of Even" Gag Cartoon This is not the Garden of Eden we were taught about in school. $30.00
"Golden Couch" Gag Cartoon Even dogs have a tough time in heaven as shown on this amusing piece! $30.00
"Grown Apart" Gag Cartoon Comical piece with a growing Southern boy gone haywire! $25.00
"Heavenly Check-In" Gag Cartoon There is some confusion at the pearly gates on this funny panel piece. $30.00
"Her Opinion" Gag Cartoon Delightful panel cartoon featuring the battle of the sexes by Bolinger. $25.00
"Internet Doctors" Gag Cartoon The Internet is not the best place to get medical advise as shown in this cartoon. $30.00
"Left Early" Gag Cartoon Sometime working in cubicles can actually drive you crazy! $30.00
"Maps of the Moat" Gag Cartoon Way before "Maps for the Stars Homes" we had some crafty entrepreneurs. $30.00
"More Agoraphobics" Gag Cartoon One more zany gem with management maximizing there employee workforce! $25.00
"Morning Sickness" Gag Cartoon A doctor tries to clear his schedule on this recent cartoon by Bolinger! $30.00
"No More Virgins" Gag Cartoon Even Heaven can have a shortage at times. $30.00
"Office Pool" Gag Cartoon Another medical gag cartoon from the powerful pen of Bruce Bolinger. $30.00
"Pick At Your Dinner" Gag Cartoon A workman has some unusual eating utensils on this funny example from the syndicated cartoonist. $25.00
"Poison the Toilets" Gag Cartoon One drunk dog has a lot to worry about as he sits a the local bar. $30.00
"Puttery Barn" Gag Cartoon Many a family has their own certified member of this exclusive franchise! $25.00
"Random Rumor Generator" Gag Cartoon An IT employee is assigned the task of being the rumor generator on this fun piece. $25.00
"Reupholsterer" Gag Cartoon Heaven has problems as well as shown on this fun cartoon. $30.00
"Sales Not Management" Gag Cartoon A preacher talks of a higher power on this cute piece by Bolinger. $30.00
"Shoes on a Wire" Gag Cartoon Be sure to remove your shoes before you throw them! $30.00
"Siege Tower Gag Cartoon" Funny cartoon with a kid in the Middle Ages wanting to borrow the "car". $30.00
"Small Talk" Gag Cartoon Wacky cartoon highlighting what most of us love to avoid with the family doctor. $25.00
"Soul Patch" Gag Cartoon Old jazz hipsters get an upgrade in heaven with a soul patch! $25.00
"Statue Of Liberty" Gag Cartoon Aliens have a problem with their flight plan on this great piece from the popular cartoonist. $25.00
"Tattoo Patient" Gag Cartoon A doctor gives some much needed advise on this nice cartoon. $30.00
"Telecall Inc." Gag Cartoon No one is safe from those telemarketing firms as shown on this amusing piece. $25.00
"The Confessional" Gag Cartoon Even the confessional has an express lane on this cartoon by Bolinger. $30.00
"The Great Mandala" Gag Cartoon The circle of life can be large or small as shown in this amusing piece. $30.00
"The Horn" Gag Cartoon One more political cartoon "The Horn of No Plenty" at the voting booth. $25.00
"The Jazzorcist" Gag Cartoon A jazz musical exorcism is featured on this funny cartoon. $30.00
"The Staff Pick" Gag Cartoon A Home Depot staff favorite is featured on this wacky Bolinger piece. $25.00
"Trophy Wife" Gag Cartoon A husband shows off his treasures including his trophy wife! $30.00
"Two by Two" Gag Cartoon Noah even has to screen his animals before they can enter the Ark! $30.00
"Vasectomy Cone" Gag Cartoon A doctor gets a good idea from the local veterinarian on this amusing piece. $30.00
"Wal-E-Mart" Gag Cartoon One more zany business cartoon from the talented Cracked Magazine artist. $25.00
"Window Office" Gag Cartoon Humorous gag panel that is too close to the truth for many of us. $25.00
"Wired Casket" Gag Cartoon Extreme phone charging is lampooned in this wild cartoon. $30.00
Cracked Magazine "The Illiterati" pg. 2 Detailed second page of a double piece splash for the story.
Cracked Magazine "The Illiterati" pg. 3 More tales of the reading impaired are showcased.
Cracked Magazine "The Illiterati" pg. 4 Beatniks and morons as featured on this wild story page.
Cracked Magazine "Strangers in a Strange Land " #3 Some hippies enjoy barbeque on this fund raising page for a fellow artist. $40.00
Cracked Magazine "The Illiterati" pg. 1 Amusing four page story from the 1990s showcasing the secret society of the reading deficient by Andy Simmons and Bruce Bolinger. $175.00
Cracked Magazine Double Page Spread Five wacky videos are showcased on this great piece from the gag cartoonist. $85.00
Eskimo Olympics Fantastic color piece made for a calendar featuring the Eskimo Olympics at the North Pole! $150.00

Roy Crane
Buz Sawyer Five Dailies Five super examples dailies from the historic series by Crane! OFFERS

Mel Crawford
Roy Rogers and Cowboy Toby Illustration Giant painting with Roy who saves a pie on this double page splash from a 1954 Whitman children's book with everyone's favorite cowboy. $225.00
Roy Rogers and Cowboy Toby Illustration 2 Roy teaches his young fan about archery on this fun story book painted page. $200.00

Yalcin Dagli
Sihirbaz #117 Cover (Mandrake the Magican) Wonderful image of the famous magician and his assistants on this colorful Turkish cover. $200.00

Keith Giffen
Hex 15 pg. 18 Fantastic action page with the time traveling Biker Hex from the future. $150.00

Alberto Giolitti
Turok, Son of Stone #69 pg. 18 Fantastic chapter splash with Turok and Andar trying to uncover a secret! $400.00

Butch Guice
Aquaman #40 pg. 22 The Dweller of the Depths watches Aquaman on this nice page from the DC series. $85.00
Archangel #1 pg. 2 Pencils William Gibson's first comic experience with IDW is opening on this nice panel page. $60.00
Archangel #1 pg. 20 Pencils Fantastic full page splash with some bad boys who want to break up the party. $60.00
Archangel #1 pg. 5 Pencils Another slick panel page from the beginning of the four issue mini-series! $60.00
Archangel #1 pg. 6 Pencils Great example as a sudden attack by an agent changes the lives of others. $60.00
Archangel #1 pg. 7 Pencils Great design on this panel page by the talented Mr. Guice! $60.00
Archangel #1 pg.13 Pencils Beautiful page with our lovely new star of the time travel series. $60.00
Archangel #1 pg.15 Pencils Junior Henderson watches robotic flies on this interesting pencil example. $60.00
Archangel #1 pg.17 Pencils Nice shot of Givens and her U.S. liaison form the exciting new IDW feature. $60.00
Archangel #1 pg.18 Pencils One more very detailed panel page with Naomi in the operating theater. $60.00
Archangel #1 pg.19 Pencils Givens searches for clues with her companion on this new page from the mini-series. $60.00
Archangel #2 pg. 10 Pencils A sudden explosion sends Pilot to the floor on this thrilling page. $60.00
Archangel #2 pg. 20 Pencils Striking panel page starring the villain known in the underworld as Mr. Baby. $60.00
Archangel #2 pg. 5 Pencils Looks like an invisible man is escaping on this nice panel page! $60.00
Archangel #2 pg. 9 Pencils Another solid piece with heroes and villains from popular mini-series. $60.00
Archangel #2 pg.11 Pencils Soldiers search for Pilot on this slick page from the IDW series. $60.00
Archangel #2 pg.12 Pencils Information on the subject Pilot is gathered for more testing in the future. $60.00
Archangel #2 pg.13 Pencils Another well rendered pencil page from one of the longest lasting artists in the business. $50.00
Archangel #2 pg.14 Pencils Junior Henderson is causing more trouble on this slick panel page from IDW. $60.00
Archangel #2 pg.15 Pencils Another nice page with Torres and Henderson on the time=travel new IDW series! $60.00
Archangel #2 pg.16 Pencils A nice four panel page showing off Guice's slick pencil work. $60.00
Archangel #2 pg.17 Pencils A tense situation is under foot on this nice panel page. $60.00
Archangel #2 pg.18 Pencils A gun fight is about to happen on this good pencil example! $60.00
Archangel #2 pg.19 Pencils A hero flees from a wrecked jeep on this nice IDW example. $60.00
Archangel #2 pg.4 Pencils Another slick pencil page from the hot new IDW mini-series! $60.00
Archangel #3 Cover Published cover with a sassy Nazi trying to start a little trouble! $1,500.00
Battlestar Galactica #1 Cover Striking cover from the new Dynamite series with Adama and his following! $950.00
Bloodshot: Reborn #7 pg. 13 Ray and Magic search for a killer on this moody example. $75.00
Bloodshot: Reborn #7 pg. 14 Great page with lots of firepower as the government search for answers to mass killings! $75.00
Bloodshot: Reborn #7 pg. 16 Agents search the files for clues to locate the assassin known as Bloodshot. $75.00
Bloodshot: Reborn #7 pg. 17 One more dark page from the thrilling adventure series from Valiant Comics. $75.00
Bloodshot: Reborn #7 pg. 18 Magic wishes Ray happy hunting on this nice page from the popular Valiant series. $125.00
Bloodshot: Reborn #7 pg. 20 Magic waits as her boyfriend,Bloodshot, searches for a nanite-infused killer! $125.00
Bloodshot: Reborn #7 pg. 21 Bloodshot searches for a killer and finds a hand instead on this slick page. $125.00
Bloodshot: Reborn #7 pg. 6 Ray and Magic share time together before another grim day hunting killers. $100.00
Bloodshot: Reborn #7 pg. 7 Danger is never far away in the life of Bloodshot. $100.00
Bloodshot: Reborn #7 pgs. 4/5 Bloody double page splash from one of the hardest working men in comics today. $300.00
Bloodshot: Reborn #8 pg. 1 Pencils Evil Parker is after Magic on this thrilling page from the hot new series. $100.00
Bloodshot: Reborn #8 pg. 11 Pencils Bloodshot faces Magic on this great example from the current story line. $85.00
Bloodshot: Reborn #8 pg. 17 Pencils Another excellent panel page from one of the best artist's in comics today. $75.00
Bloodshot: Reborn #8 pg. 18 Pencils Two Federal Agent are hot on the trail of a serial killer on this good page from the popular series. $75.00
Bloodshot: Reborn #8 pg. 19 Pencils Hoyt and Festival investigate a crime scene on this great page from the new Valiant series. $75.00
Bloodshot: Reborn #8 pg. 20 Pencils Bloodshot watches as the Feds search his hotel for clues and suspects. $85.00
Bloodshot: Reborn #8 pg. 21 Pencils Agents Festival and Hoyt find a grim discovery in a seedy hotel room. $85.00
Bloodshot: Reborn #8 pg. 22 Pencils Full page splash with the child Toby and Bloodsquirt on this creepy end page. $100.00
Bloodshot: Reborn #8 pg. 3 Pencils Magic is still in danger as a Project Rising Spirit creature is out for blood! $100.00
Bloodshot: Reborn #8 pg. 6 Pencils Ray Garrison come to the rescues on this nice pencil page by Guice. $100.00
Bloodshot: Reborn #8 pgs. 12/13 Pencils Nanites are exchanged on this great double page pencil splash with Bloodshot and Magic. $250.00
Bloodshot: Reborn #8 pgs. 4/5 Pencils Double splash page with Magic getting the drop on Parker on this fantastic action example. $200.00
Bloodshot: Reborn #8 pgs. 8/9 Pencils Fantastic double page splash with Bloodshot in action on this great piece! $250.00
Bloodshot: Reborn #9 pg. 1 Pencils Bloodshot bursts into a hotel to find a dead agent and a live one...ready for him. $85.00
Bloodshot: Reborn #9 pg. 12 Pencils Another well rendered page from the exciting Valiant adventure series! $50.00
Bloodshot: Reborn #9 pg. 13 Pencils Bloodshot tries to help a sick child as his tormentors watch the grim scene. $65.00
Bloodshot: Reborn #9 pg. 14 Pencils Bloodshot takes on the nanites from Toby and turns on Bloodsquirt on this nice page. $75.00
Bloodshot: Reborn #9 pg. 15 Pencils A fired up Bloodshot gets ready to take care of business on this well rendered pencil piece. $75.00
Bloodshot: Reborn #9 pg. 16 Pencils Magic calms down a wild Bloodshot on this last installment of this thrilling story line. $65.00
Bloodshot: Reborn #9 pg. 17 Pencils A tired agent finally catches up with Bloodshot on this serious page. $50.00
Bloodshot: Reborn #9 pg. 18 Pencils A grim reality comes to face our heroes on this slick pencil page. $50.00
Bloodshot: Reborn #9 pg. 19 Pencils Toby is rescued by the authorities as Bloodshot and Magic escape. $50.00
Bloodshot: Reborn #9 pg. 20 Pencils Our nanite-infused hero escapes the police on this well rendered pencil page. $60.00
Bloodshot: Reborn #9 pg. 21 Pencils Magic and Ray leave there latest adventure as they close out their file on Bloodshot killers. $60.00
Bloodshot: Reborn #9 pg. 22 Pencils Another nice pencil page with Magic and Ray from Butch Guice! $60.00
Bloodshot: Reborn #9 pg. 4 Pencils Bloodshot is caught in a Mexican standoff on this thrilling panel page from Valiant Comics. $75.00
Bloodshot: Reborn #9 pg. 5 Pencils One female decides to trust the man known as Bloodshot on this slick pencil example. $85.00
Bloodshot: Reborn #9 pg. 6 Pencils A federal agent plays a hunch and lets Bloodshot take off after a killer! $85.00
Bloodshot: Reborn #9 pg. 7 Pencils Super cinematic page with Bloodshot running in the rain to catch a killer! $85.00
Bloodshot: Reborn #9 pg. 8 Pencils Toby, an old girlfriend, and Bloodsquirt haunt Bloodshot on this intense pencil page from Guice. $85.00
Bloodshot: Reborn #9 pg. 9 Pencils A nanite-infused child takes careful as Bloodshot approaches. $60.00
Bloodshot: Reborn #9 pgs. 2/3 Thrilling double page splash with Ray and Magic caught by an agent as she discovers her dead partner! $300.00
NEW Captain America #614 pg. 8 Pencils Super villain Dr. Faustus is on the witness stand in this slick page with Tom Palmer inks. $65.00
Eternal Warrior/Geomancer #1 Cover Dynamic cover image with the legendary Eternal Warrior in action once again! $1,100.00
Iron Man #20 pg. 20 Crisp inking dominates this beautiful page with Dugan and his S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents on the move. $65.00
Iron Man #20 pg. 8 Dark example with Dugan and his S.H.I.E.L.D. agents searching for an answer. $75.00
Iron Man #20 pg. 9 Excellent character shots of Dugan and his team from the World War Hulk story line. $65.00
Iron Man #23 pg. 14 Wonderful piece with the powerful Mandarin and others from the hot new Marvel Comics' issue. $85.00
NEW Iron Man #23 pg. 15 Nice shots of Iron Man's old villain, the Mandarin, on this panel page. $65.00
Iron Man #23 pg. 4 The Mandarin defeats the superhuman Paragon on this beautifully detailed panel page. $85.00
NEW Iron Man #24 pg. 10 More good shots of the Chinese super villain and his henchman from the slick pen of Jackson Guice! $65.00
NEW Iron Man #24 pg. 2 Tony Stark is in Omaha trying to find answers for the death of Gadget on this moody piece. $65.00
NEW Iron Man #24 pg. 3 Who is the mysterious stranger on Tony's hotel room is the question to be answered on this slick panel page? $65.00
NEW Iron Man #24 pg. 4 Another nice panel page with characters Tony Stark and Doc Samson! $65.00
NEW Iron Man #24 pg. 5 Some great shots on this detailed page of old time Marvel character Doc Samson from the Incredible Hulk. $65.00
Iron Man #24 pg. 6 The nefarious Mandarin plots an evil plan on this slick panel page from Marvel Comics! $65.00
NEW Iron Man #24 pg. 7 Tony Stark has breakfast as his for the Mandarin plans his next move against him. $65.00
NEW Iron Man #24 pg. 9 The sinister Mandarin is showcased on this Marvel page from the classic series. $65.00
JLA: Classified #12 pg. 4 Sensational example with the mighty team of the Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern. $75.00
Ninjak #3 pg. 6 Pencils Colin has a secret meeting on the streets of London on this pencil page. $60.00
Ninjak #4 pg. 1 Pencils Guice takes us far East for this 2nd story backup in issue four. $50.00
Ninjak #4 pg. 3 Pencils An old guide and providing shelter for the Sensei are featured on this slick example. $50.00
Ninjak #4 pg. 4 Pencils Eager students are called to the monastery for instructions from a master. $50.00
Ninjak #4 pg. 5 Pencils Another "quiet" page with Colin and other students on the monastery. $50.00
Ninjak #4 pg. 6 Pencils Colin travels to the Orient to further his training on this nice pencil page. $50.00
Ninjak #4 pg. 7 More lessons are to be learned by Colin and his peers on this nice page. $50.00
Ninjak #4 pg. 8 Great flashback page with Colin in the Orient learning his trade. $50.00
Ninjak #5 pg. 3 Pencils Great action page with Colin taking on a hired killer on this nice piece. $60.00
Ninjak #5 pg. 4 Pencils More action and adventure with a British super spy on this well rendered pencil page from the popular series. $60.00
Ninjak #5 pg. 5 Pencils Colin King investigates a murder scene on this slick pencil page. $50.00
Ninjak #5 pg. 6 Pencils One more cinematic pencil page with our favorite spy by Guice! $50.00
Olympus #2 Pencil Cover Rough Spectacular large image from the French comic with our heroes trapped by Greek gods. $200.00
Secret Avengers #9 pg. 11 A chubby S.H.I.E.L.D. agent is reviewed by Maria Hill on this nice page. $75.00
Secret Avengers #9 pg. 14 Maria Hill is showcased on this new page from the Marvel series. $85.00
Secret Avengers #12 pg. 19 Maria Hill discovers the fiend Modoc on this detailed page from the Marvel series. $95.00
Secret Avengers #12 pg. 3 Super layout with Mockingbird and AIM operatives working on a deadly new plan! $85.00
Secret Avengers #12 pg. 5 Great image of the lovely Agent Hill as she meets with her aide Coulson. $85.00
Secret Avengers #12 pg. 8 Maria Hill challenges the AIM leader to a battle of wits on this nice panel page. $95.00
Secret Avengers #12 pg. 9 Maria Hill takes on the AIM leader on this well rendered example from the series. $100.00
Secret Avengers #13 pg. 16 More action and adventure as villains prepare to strike on this well rendered page. $75.00
Secret Avengers #6 pg. 12 Pencils Mockingbird fights the sinister Taskmaster on this well rendered pencil page. $65.00
Secret Avengers #9 pg. 12 Superior piece with a strong example of Guice's love of technology on this great page. $100.00
Secret Avengers #9 pg. 17 A quiet moment in the life of a spy is showcased on this nice piece. $85.00
NEW Ultimate Origins #3 pg. 10 Eric Lehnsherr shows off his magnetic powers on this detail panel page from the mini-series. $75.00
NEW Ultimate Origins #3 pg. 11 Professor X lectures his students on this nice example from The House of Ideas. $65.00
NEW Ultimate Origins #3 pg. 12 Great page with Professor Xavier being summoned by Eric Lehnsherr for a meeting. $65.00
NEW Ultimate Origins #3 pg. 13 Good "quiet" page with Professor Xavier and Eric Lehnsherr talking about the future. $65.00
Ultimate Origins #3 pg. 14 Magneto gives a demonstration to Professor X on this detail page from Marvel. $75.00
NEW Ultimate Origins #3 pg. 18 A young Professor X and Magneto as showcased on this example as they search the Savage Land! $85.00
Ultimate Origins #3 pgs. 20/21 Double page splash showcasing a young Professor X working on a new crisis done in Guice's unique detailed style. $150.00
Ultimate Origins #4 pg. 10 More images of the "new" Nick Fury as he is called on to perform another impossible mission. $65.00
Ultimate Origins #4 pg. 13 A top secret lab prepares for the biggest experiment of their lives with Dr. Banner. $75.00
Ultimate Origins #4 pg. 14 Fury confronts problems with his new team when he sets off on his latest plan. $65.00
Ultimate Origins #4 pg. 15 At the dawn of a new age Bruce Banner experiments with an unknown science. $65.00
Ultimate Origins #4 pg. 3 A hard case called Fury is called up by the US government to head a special covert assignment. $65.00
Ultimate Origins #4 pg. 5 One amazing soldier handles his anger with another officer on this well rendered Marvel page. $65.00
Ultimate Origins #4 pg. 6 Fury gets Intel on his next mission on this slick Marvel example. $65.00
Ultimate Origins #4 pg. 7 Colonel Fury ponders over the difficult task his country has asked him to perform on this nice example. $65.00
Ultimate Origins #4 pg. 8 Another nice example with Colonel Fury as he recovers in an military hospital. $65.00
Ultimate Origins #4 pg. 8 Nice shots of Marvels top secret agent, Nick Fury, from Marvel Comics. $75.00
Ultimate Origins #4 pgs. 2/3 Excellent double page splash with a young Fantastic Four trying to solve another mystery. $175.00
Ultimate Origins #5 pg. 14 Fury has the difficult job of cleaning up a secret lab on this slick panel page. $75.00
NEW Ultimate Origins #5 pg. 15 A group of soldiers search for clues in the Savage Land on this good panel page. $65.00
Ultimate Origins #5 pg. 16 A young Professor X wakes up from his latest adventure on this nice page. $60.00
Winter Soldier #12 pg. 6 Pencils The Winter Soldier and Hawkeye try to find an answer to their latest dilemma on this good page. $65.00
Winter Soldier #13 pg. 1 Pencils Action-packed page with Daredevil and the Soldier in freefall on this great piece. $65.00
Winter Soldier #13 pg. 20 Pencils Black Widow is caught under the spell of assassin Novokov on this chilling page. $60.00
Winter Soldier #4 pg. 14 Pencils Spectacular pencil page showcasing Guice's delicate fine line with the Winter Soldier in combat. $65.00
Winter Soldier #4 pg. 15 Pencils The Winter Soldier searches for clues on his latest victim from their deadly battle. $50.00
Winter World #1 pg. 19 More action and adventure with Wynn and Sculley on this chilling six panel page from IDW Comics. $100.00
Winter World #7 pg. 12 Another exciting page from Earth's frozen future with a few stats. $95.00
Winter World #9 Cover Our two heroes are caught in a trap on this great cover from the frozen new series! $700.00
Winter World Cover #7 One more dynamic cover by Guice from the popular IDW series! $650.00
X-O Manowar #3 Cover Fantastic cover with our armored warrior in battle with many robots! $1,200.00

Phil Interlandi
Queenie Daily Long running good girl feature by the Playboy artist from the 1960s! $125.00

Mel Keefer
Mac Divot Daily Wonderful golf strip that was often published in the sports page of the larger metropolitan newspapers. $100.00
Mac Divot Daily Great example from 1972 showcasing real life golf figures, Andy Williams, writer Matt Mitchell, and Norrie West. $100.00
Mac Divot Daily Fictional characters meet real personalities in this unique strip feature by writer Jordan Lansky and artist Mel Keefer. $100.00
Mac Divot Daily Sandy Mac Divot picks up his pal Stuffy Ballew from the police station on this slick piece from 1966. $100.00
Mac Divot Daily Golf tips from a pro on how to control you slicing as demonstrated on this seventies daily. $100.00
Mac Divot Daily Sandy squares off against rookie Tex Russell on the links of this well rendered 1963 piece. $125.00
Mac Divot Daily Old pros talk about the game and women on this amusing daily from the popular syndicated sports feature. $100.00
Mac Divot Daily Golfers Leo Clark and Ed Fuller as showcased on this snazzy example from the second year of the strip. $125.00
Mac Divot Daily Nice daily from 1961 with Bob Hope and the Mac Divot clan. $100.00

Alex Kotzky
Apartment 3G Daily Super daily from the 1970s with the lovable Papagoras and his new neighbors. $75.00

Bob Lubbers
Tarzan of the Apes Daily Apes fight a lion to protect an unconscious Tarzan on this two panel piece! $250.00

Ed Nofziger
ANIMALogic Daily Lots of "monkey business" on this charming panel from the popular feature. $50.00
Chloe Daily Fun jungle strip starring hippo Chloe and her pals from one of the best funny "bigfoot" animal artists. $50.00
Chloe Daily Amusing piece with our favorite elephant and her monkey pal up to no good again! $50.00
Chloe Daily Chloe tries to help a confused elephant on this funny little piece from 1963. $50.00
Chloe Daily A monkey that loves to protest is featured on this fun cartoon from the seventies. $50.00
Jasper and Chloe Daily More adventures of a friendly hippo and her monkey pal on this cute daily. $50.00

Vernon Rieck
Johnny Stardust Sunday Strip Nice looking page that was a feature in California grocery store chain with our hard-boiled hero! $100.00

Luke Ross
Captain America #602 pg. 16 Bucky and Sam meet to prepare for the protest on this Marvel page. $60.00
Captain America #603 pg. 12 The Watchdogs drill their recruits extra hard to produce super soldiers for the cause. $75.00
Captain America #603 pg. 14 Barnes discovers who runs The Watchdogs on this moody panel page inked by Guice. $65.00
Captain America #603 pg. 16 Our hero is set up by Bad Cap on this chilling page from the popular Brubaker storyline. $75.00
Captain America #603 pg. 3 Mr. Barnes trains hard to be accepted by the radical military group lead by William Burnside. $75.00
Captain America #603 pg. 4 The mad Captain America from the Fifties prepares with his solders a master plan. $65.00
Captain America #604 pg. 11 A Watchdog guard falls victim to the sneak attack from one of Marvel's oldest black hero, The Falcon! $75.00
Captain America #604 pg. 15 Marvel's favorite black superhero searches for hiding place as the fierce Watchdogs track him down! $65.00
Captain America #604 pg. 17 The Falcon really gets his kicks on this smart Marvel Comics fight page. $75.00
Captain America #604 pg. 18 Cap's sidekick finds a new ally in his endless fight against terrorists. $65.00
Captain America #604 pg. 19 Smashed controls on a run away freight train causes problems for this Marvel hero. $65.00
Captain America #604 pg. 5 The militant Watchdogs take The Falcon hostage on this blueline inked example. $75.00
Captain America #604 pg. 7 The Falcon is held captive as his trusty bird Redwing approaches! $65.00

Dan Spiegle
Action Comics Weekly #602 pg. 15 Great panel page with the Secret Six fighting a group of sly crooks. $125.00
Action Comics Weekly #602 pg. 3 The spy called Nemesis jumps into action on this thrilling DC page. $125.00
Action Comics Weekly #602 pg. 4 Nice title splash page with the mysterious Secret Six about to start a new adventure. $125.00
Action Comics Weekly #602 pg.1 Fantastic Secret Six splash page as a sinister villain stated his demands. $125.00
Action Comics Weekly #603 pg. 1 Another title page starring the mysterious Secret Six in costume ready for another adventure. $125.00
Action Comics Weekly #603 pg. 5 The mysterious Secret Six are showcased on this nice example from the late Dan Spiegle. $125.00
Action Comics Weekly #604 pg. 2 The spy known as Nemesis is in another tight spot on this slick panel page from DC Comics. $125.00
Action Comics Weekly #605 pg. 1 Nice title page starring the mysterious Secret Six in another DC incarnation. $125.00
Action Comics Weekly #611 pg. 1 Nice title page for one of DC's short-lived hero series, The Secret Six! $125.00
Action Comics Weekly #612 pg. 1 Another nice title splash page starring the mysterious Secret Six team of heroes. $125.00
Arachnophobia #1 pg. 5 Creepy movie adaptation as a spider plays with a little baby. $125.00
Arachnophobia #1 pg. 7 Full page splash with an exterminator caught in a giant spider web! $125.00
Bad Boys #6 pg. 1 Creepy full splash page with creatures in jars from the pen of Dan Spiegle! $125.00
Bad Boys #6 pg. 11 Another exciting full splash page with a gunship attacking a group of mercenaries done in Spiegle's unique style. $125.00
Batman #554 Pg. 2 Jason Bard uses his detective skills on this nice example from DC backup story. $125.00
Black Hood #2 pg. 8 Action and adventure with the mysterious Black Hood on this nice panel page. $125.00
Blackhawk #256 pg. 7 Blackhawk's agent fights a giant monster on this thrilling example from the long-lived series. $125.00
Blackhawk #266 pg. 1 Nice page one from the Blackhawk Files with some great villains and the War Wheel! $125.00
Blackhawk #271 pg. 11 Slick splash page with a Blackhawk and Hitler from the long-lived war series. $125.00
Blackhawk #271 pg. 22 Neat end page with a villain that taunts the Blackhawk squad into a fight. $125.00
Blackhawk Watercolor Striking 10 x 15 watercolor of DC Comics WWII Ace Blackhawk as he jumps from his burning plane. SOLD
Brave and the Bold #176 pg. 1 Page on full splash page starring the hero Nemesis from DC Comics. $125.00
Brave and the Bold #179 pg. 1 An evil thug waits to jump DC's hero Nemesis from the 1980s! $125.00
Brave and the Bold #179 pg. 11 Great Nemesis tile page from the soldier of fortune series from short-lived DC series. $125.00
Brave and the Bold #184 pg. 31 Slick panel page with the detective Nemesis trying to avoid a live grenade! $125.00
Brave and the Bold #174 pg. 3 Action and adventure with DC's spy Nemesis from the short-lived series. $125.00
Brave and the Bold #175 pg. 8 Nice action page with the spy called Nemesis from DC comics. $125.00
Crossfire #15 pg. 1 Ambitious opening page with Mark and Dan setting the mood for another exciting adventure. $125.00
Crossfire #16 pg. 1 (2nd Story) Crossfire responds to his latest call on this nice title page by the popular Silver Age artist. $125.00
Crossfire #17 pg. 1 (2nd Story) Nice splash page showcasing air ace Russell Leeds and his air show. $125.00
Crossfire #21 pg. 1 Interesting page one with lots of images of our favorite private eye. $125.00
Crossfire #4 pgs. 2/3 Super double page splash with our hero Crossfire coming to the rescue once again! $250.00
Detective Comics #414 pg. 2 Detective Jason Bard investigates a new crime on this slick page from DC Comics. $125.00
Dick Tracy Movie Adaptation #1 pg. 22 Great page featuring Dick Tracy, Prune Face, No Face, Big Boy, and Flatop! $125.00
Dick Tracy Movie Adaptation #1 pg. 25 Tracy fights the gangster Big Boy on this slick one shot from the popular movie adaptation. $125.00
Dick Tracy Movie Adaptation #1 pg. 27 No Face take on Big Boy as Tracy once again saves the day! $125.00
DNAgents #3 pg. 13 Nice "quiet" page from the popular Eclipse series with genetic engineered super heroes! $125.00
Elvira, Mistress of the Dark #2 pg. 15 Great shots of the lovely horror host Elvira from the DC short-lived series. $125.00
Elvira, Mistress of the Dark #2 pg. 2 Beautiful example with the lovely Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, from Dc's short run series. $125.00
Elvira, Mistress of the Dark #2 pg. 6 Horror host Elvira chases after a parrot on this fun panel page! $125.00
Elvira, Mistress of the Dark #3 pg. 4 Another well rendered page with the lovely horror host from syndicated television. $125.00
Ghosts #103 pg. 3 Nice panel page from one of DC Comics mystery titles by Spiegle. $125.00
Ghosts #103 pg. 4 A daughter takes a boat ride with a ghost on this slick page. $125.00
Hellraiser #6 pg. 6 Western action done in Dan's unique style on this panel page. $125.00
House of Mystery #305 pg. 4 A crook disguised as Santa Claus hides from the police on this nice comic example. $125.00
House of Mystery #305 pg. 6 A street Santa Claus finds a jackpot on this interesting DC mystery page. $125.00
House of Mystery #307 pg. 1 Mobsters as showcased on this nice title page from the long running DC series. $125.00
Jonah Hex #37 pg. 7 (2nd Story) Great page from the second story starring the rogue gambler Bat Lash! $125.00
Jonah Hex #38 pg. 9 Hex and his party are pinned down by an Indian sniper on this thrilling example. $125.00
Jonah Hex #39 pg. 29 Nice end page with our favorite Western anti-hero finishing up another weird story. $125.00
Jonah Hex #39 pg. 4 Hex takes on a band of thieves in this slick panel pages from the 1980s. $125.00
Jonah Hex #39 pg. 7 A cowboy runs into trouble with an Indian war party on this DC Western page. $125.00
Jonah Hex #40 pg. 11 Hex talks with a sawbones on this fun page from DC Comics. $125.00
Jonah Hex #40 pg. 15 Pouring rain makes a river journey a dangerous way of travel as sown on this good page. $125.00
Jonah Hex #40 pg. 16 Moody page with Indian in the rain capturing a crook! $125.00
Jonah Hex #40 pg. 18 A very moody rain page with a villain committing a gruesome murder. $125.00
Jonah Hex #40 pg. 2 Hex dives into action to save a drowning Indian on this good DC page. $125.00
Jonah Hex #40 pg. 3 Hex saves an Indian from drowning on this exciting DC Comics Western page. $125.00
Jonah Hex #40 pg. 30 Hex play a trick on his pappy for Christmas on this fun DC Western page. $125.00
Jonah Hex #40 pg. 5 A sneaky salesman is featured on this interesting page from the Western series. $125.00
Jonah Hex #40 pg. 6 Our bounty hunter searches for some owl hoots on this nice panel page from DC Comics. $125.00
Jonah Hex #40 pg. 8 DC's famous gunfighter is caught off guard on this detailed page from the Western series. $125.00
Jonah Hex #41 pg. 15 The bounty hunter pops out of a safe to stop a train robbery on this slick page. $125.00
Jonah Hex #54 pg. 14 Marvelous page with Hex trying to save some settlers from advancing Indians on this slick example. $125.00
Mystery Digest #16 pg. 121 Creepy title splash from Gold Keys Grim Ghost Stories with a witch horror host! $125.00
Mystery in Space #114 pg. 2 Earthlings are welcome on this planet of dogs , but it comes with a catch! $125.00
Mystery in Space #114 pg. 3 Another "quiet" page with life in future for a father and his sons. $125.00
Mystery in Space #114 pg. 4 A race of dog soldiers try to take over earth explorers in this future space tale. $125.00
Nester's Adventures Strip (Desert Strike) The Nintendo boy helps the army with his game skills on this fun piece. $125.00
Nester's Adventures Strip (Star Wars) Interesting strip that ran in the Nintendo Power Magazine with our hero meeting the Star Wars robots! $125.00
Nestor's Adventure Strip (Adams Family) Little Nestor falls for Gomez Adams on this fun strip from his magazine series. $125.00
Nestor's Adventure Strip (Napoleon) Nestor in his wild adventures runs across the French Emperor Napoleon on this fun example. $125.00
Nestor's Adventure Strip (Prince of Persia) More action and adventure with our boy hero and a prince. $125.00
Nestor's Adventure Strip (Street Fighter) Nintendo Boy meets other famous video game characters from Street Fighter on this nice page. $125.00
Nestor's Adventure Strip (Tasmanian Devil) Our young hero from Nintendo magazine runs into the infamous Tasmanian Devil on this great piece. $125.00
Saint George #1 pg. 1 Full splash page with the image of Saint George from the Epic Comics line from Marvel. $125.00
Saint George #3 pg. 1 Good full splash page showcasing our hero from Marvel's first attempt to have more adult stories. $125.00
Secret of Haunted House #397 pg. 7 The blind mystic, Mister E, gets clues from a feisty leprechaun! $125.00
Secrets of Haunted House #39 pg. 20 Mister E is attacked by a wild dog on this thrilling page from the mystery series. $125.00
Secrets of Haunted House #39 pg. 30 Great end page with Mister E finishing another weird adventure! $125.00
Secrets of Haunted House #39 pg. 6 Mister E is caught in another thrilling mystery on this scary panel page. $125.00
Secrets of Haunted House #39 pg. 7 Mister E is attacked by Frankenstein's monster on this spooky DC Comics page. $125.00
Sgt. Rock #382 pg. 10 Well rendered war page with Sgt. Rock and young German soldiers. $125.00
Sgt. Rock #382 pg. 13 Fantastic end page with Rock saving a young German soldier from himself. $125.00
Sgt. Rock #382 pg. 9 A young soldier resists surrender to Rock and Easy Co. on this slick war page. $125.00
Sgt. Rock Annual #2 pg. 13 A soldier tries to outrun a machine gun on this thrilling DC war page. $125.00
Sgt. Rock Annual #2 pg. 20 Jeb Stewart and Sgt. Rock try to protect some lost children as the enemy advances! $125.00
Sgt. Rock Annual #2 pg. 35 Nice images of Easy Company's number one top-kick from Dc Comics! $125.00
Sgt. Rock Annual #2 pg. 7 Frank Rock is featured on this super action page from DC Comics. $125.00
Sgt. Rock Annual #2 pg. 8 Sgt. Rock travels on his next assignment in this slick panel page. $125.00
Sgt. Rock Annual #2 pg. 8 Jungle warfare is illustrated for the reader on this nice example. $125.00
Sgt. Rock Annual #2 pg. 16 German soldiers attack one of Easy Company on this well rendered DC Comics war page. $125.00
Sgt. Rock Annual #2 pg. 23 Rock saves a bunch of kinds on this great page from the long-lived DC war series. $125.00
Sgt. Rock Annual #2 pg. 32 Rock and crew find a giant soldier on this good war page from the DC Comics series. $125.00
Sgt. Rock Annual #2 pg. 34 German soldiers are attacked by a jet fighter on this slick example by Spiegle. $125.00
Sgt. Rock Annual #3 pg. 17 Rock and his crew take out a machine gun nest on this thrilling example. $125.00
Sgt. Rock Annual #3 pg. 25 Great shot of Rock as he talks with more war torn veterans on this nice panel page. $125.00
Sgt. Rock Annual #3 pg. 39 Explosive action page with Easy Company from on e of DC Comics "Big Five" titles. $125.00
Sgt. Rock Annual #3 pg. 47 One of Rock's "green apples" falls from the tree for the last time on this grim page. $125.00
Star Spangle War Stories #164 pg.11 A grim warning is sent to Japanese soldiers as the Unknown Soldier searches for his ally. $125.00
Star Spangle War Stories #164 pg.13 Soldiers search for the mysterious Unknown Soldier on this nice panel page. $125.00
Star Spangle War Stories #164 pg.16 Super end page with Japanese soldier and some Kubert touch ups? $125.00
Star Spangle War Stories #164 pg.6 The Unknown Soldier tries to make contact with his operative as the Japanese search for both. $125.00
Star Spangle War Stories #200 pg.10 The Unknown Soldier springs into action on this slick DC page. $125.00
Swamp Thing #6 pg. 30 Great end page with the mysterious Phantom Stranger solving another case! $125.00
Swamp Thing #6 pg. 31 Good images of the Phantom Stranger from an exciting 1980 story line. $125.00
The Shadow Annual #1 pg. 12 Margo and Lamont look for clues at a dinner party on this well rendered page from the Silver Age artist. $125.00
The Shadow Annual #1 pg. 14 Lamont Cranston deals with Nazi spies on this slick page from the DC Comic. $125.00
The Shadow Annual #1 pg. 22 One of the Shadow's agents, Margo Lane, is showcased on this fine line example. $125.00
The Shadow Annual #1 pg. 6 Cranston and his operatives seek information on the new German airship Valhalla! $125.00
The Shadow Annual #1 pg. 9 Ms. Lane and Lamont search for clues on this detailed page from the pulp hero series. $125.00
The Unexpected #217 pg. 1 Great title page for the story, "The Fiends in the Fedoras" from DC's mystery line of comics. $125.00
Titans Spotlight #21 pg. 1 Great splash page with hippies at Woodstock and an criminal in prison remembering his youth. $125.00
Titans Spotlight #21 pg. 20 Great end page with Wonder Girl to the rescue and other Teen Titans as well! $125.00
True Crime Special #2 pg. 11 Chilling splash page with the image of madman David Koresh and the siege in Waco! $125.00
True Crime Special #3 pg. 1 One more detailed splash about the rise of the mafia in "The Made Man" title page. $125.00
True Crime Special #4 pg. 1 Another splash page about the crimes of Amy Fisher, the Long Island Lolita, on this slick example. $125.00
True Crime Special #5 pg. 1 Another page one from the crime series and the deadly players in these grim stories. $125.00
Unknown Soldier #258 pg. 4 Great war action page with soldiers on the move from DC Comics. $125.00
Weird War #47 pg. 11 Nice page with Winston Churchill and the ghost who haunts him! $125.00
Weird War Tales #96 pg. 3 Some grim combat action is featured on this well rendered panel page. $125.00
Weird War Tales #107 pg. 1 The President of the United States talks with a alien spaceship on this slick example by Spiegle! $125.00
Weird War Tales #47 pg. 10 Great war page with a spirit spying on President Franklin Delano Roosevelt $125.00
Weird War Tales #47 pg. 14 Two soldier spirits fight to eliminate each other on this creepy war page. $125.00
Weird War Tales #95 pg. 4 The stress of combat brings a drug addict to the end of his rope! $125.00
Weird War Tales #97 pg. 50 Slick Nazi Skull page with a spirit soldier completing his mission. $125.00
World's Finest Comics #284 pg. 4 Oliver Queen talks with an old man as the sinister Clock King watches! $125.00

Aslan Sukur
Kizilmaske #18 Cover (The Phantom) Early Turkish cover with Lee Falk's champion studying his chronicles for clues. $275.00
Kizilmaske #30 Cover (The Phantom) The Ghost Who Walks surprises a crook on this colorful Turkish cover. $200.00
Kizilmaske #41 Cover (The Phantom) The Phantom follows savage natives on this exciting cover from the Turkish series. $225.00
Kizilmaske #45 Cover (The Phantom) Another wonderful bright painted Turkish cover with Lee Falk's eternal hero. $275.00
Zagor #14 Cover Great image of the Italian Western hero on this Turkish cover. $150.00

Frank Thorne
Tomahawk #129 pg. 17 Tomahawk gets knocked out by a British soldier on this nice 1960s panel page. $300.00
Tomahawk #140 pg. 11 Our hero Hawk saves a beautiful woman from a lethal snake bite on this well rendered example! $275.00
Tomahawk #140 pg. 12 One more beautiful Thorne page with an Indian brave disarming Tomahawk's son, Hawk. $300.00
Tomahawk #140 pg. 13 Thorne's action-packed page has warriors fighting over a lovely woman on this dynamic piece. $300.00
Tomahawk #140 pg. 5 Hawk gets caught up in more racism on this great page from the DC Western series. $275.00

Leslie Turner
Captain Easy Daily Wonderful piece from 1950 from a master of comic timing and the comic art form $225.00
Captain Easy Daily Another classic Leslie Turner piece from 1949 with all the right stuff! $225.00

George Wunder
Terry and the Pirates Daily Another splendid daily from 1950 with our fly boys being tricked by a crafty movie director. $225.00

Charles Zingaro
Jesus and the Faithful Painting Beautiful painted piece from the religious magazine,"The Message", from the 1970s. $100.00