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Artist Showcase: Jackson "Butch" Guice

Jackson "Butch" Guice is one of those rare artistic talents that only gets better with age. With his discovery of comics at age ten, it was love at first sight. After a few initial fanzine publications, he got his first big break in 1981 drawing Micronauts for Marvel Comics. Since then the artist has enjoyed a long career illustrating for a number of publishers, including Marvel, DC, Disney, CrossGen, Humanoids, Acclaim, IDW, and Valiant. Highlights of his career include co-creating one of the earliest Epic Comics series (Swords of the Swashbucklers), drawing Action Comics during the Death of Superman, co-creating and drawing the first issues of X-Factor (including the first introduction of the character Apocalypse), drawing Resurrection Man and Birds of Prey runs at DC, co-creating the Eisner and Harvey Award-nominated Ruse at CrossGen, and helping launch the Winter Soldier in his own series at Marvel. Recently he reunited with writer Chuck Dixon to revive the Winter World series at IDW and is now busy illustrating a steady stream of covers for a number of publishers including Marvel Comics and Dynamite Entertainment. And after 30 plus years of daily fun, he still believes he has the best job in the world. Butch's delicate photo realistic style, masterful storytelling techniques, and fluid figure drawing skills make him an unstoppable force in comic art today.


Spotlight On: Tom Ziuko

Tom Ziuko has enjoyed a career as a colorist in the comic book industry for over three decades - starting in 1981, over the years he has worked for nearly every publisher imaginable - first working at DC Comics for twenty years, coloring hundreds of original series in every genre - from Superhero to Sci-Fi to adult and animation - including Crisis On Infinite Earths and The History Of The DC Universe to John Byrne's revamping of the Superman franchise in the mid-80's; and every major character from Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman to Spider-Man, The Fantastic Four, Dracula, The Shadow, Hellblazer, Bugs Bunny, and The Flintstones; to name but a few. He continues to be the primary cover colorist at Two Morrows Publishing for 25 years now.; and is currently contributing color reconstruction to Fantagraphics award winning Donald Duck reprint series. Tom's original hand-coloring differs from that of his contemporaries in that even his color guides are virtually indistinguishable from finished color art - always clean and meticulous; and his utilization of Dr. Martin Dyes (and not watercolors) insure that the colors remain as bright and vibrant as the day he first put brush to paper. His work offered here generally falls into three categories: Final Color Art - finished and photographed for publication; Presentation Color Art - for in-house editorial use and slide-show promotion at conventions; and Color Guides - for covers and interior pages. The cover color guides were usually done with the breakdown coding for the printers done on a separate overlay, so that the color art beneath is also pristine and near perfect. I'm excited to be representing Mr. Ziuko in selling his beautiful color artwork!

Important Note: None of these pages contain original pencils or inks by the artists who drew them - Tom's hand coloring is original, and was done on printed copies of the artwork.


Art Wanted: Rafael Gallur Lucha Libre Covers

Being a collector myself, I am always searching for new examples from some favorite comic book, illustration, and strip artists. I'm actively seeking pieces from artists Dick Dillin, Bob Brown, Jerry Grandenetti, Irv Novick, Doug Wildey, Jim Aparo, George Tuska, Bob Oskner, Jesse Santos, Tom Sutton, Steve Rude, Kerry Gammill, Frank Thorne, John Rosenberger, Dino Busett, George Wilson, Mario Caria, Mike Sekowsky, Alex Nino, Don Newton, and Alex Kotzky. I am also interested in Warren Magazine artists, and foreign Tarzan or Lassie cover art. I also collect comic color guides if you have any for sale or trade. Featured here is the the painted work of Mexican artist Rafael Gallur. Please contact me if you have artwork to sell or trade from the illustrators listed above. Thank you.    


Pulp Cover Art from the Past!

Pulp magazines (often referred to as "the pulps") are inexpensive fiction magazines that were published from 1896 through the 1950s. The term pulp derives from the cheap wood pulp paper on which the magazines were printed with ragged untrimmed edges; in contrast, magazines printed on higher quality paper were called "glossies" or "slicks". The typical pulp magazine had 128 pages filled with lurid or exploitative stories  and sensational cover art. Pulp covers were printed in color on higher-quality (slick) paper. They were famous for their half-dressed damsels in distress, usually awaiting a rescuing hero. Cover art played a major part in the marketing of pulp magazines. Many artists specialized in creating covers mainly for the pulps; a number of the most successful cover artists became as popular as the authors featured on the interior pages. Among the most famous pulp artists were Walter Baumhofer, Earle K. Bergey, Margaret Brundage, Bruce Minney, Mort Kunstler, Edd Cartier, Virgil Finlay, Frank R. Paul, Norman Saunders, Nick Eggenhofer, (who specialized in Western illustrations), Hugh J. Ward, George Rozen, and Rudolph Belarski. Covers were important enough to sales that sometimes they would be designed first; authors would then be shown the cover art and asked to write a story to match. So enjoy some of these sensational examples from the golden age of pulp fiction.


Art For Sale

Alfredo Alcala
Ric O'Shay Daily Amazing daily from the long running western strip illustrated by our favorite Filipino artist. $150.00
Ric O'Shay Daily Beautiful daily from the popular Stan Lynde strip created in 1958 distributed by the Chicago Tribune Syndicate. $150.00
Ric O'Shay Daily Powerful piece with Mr. O'Shay drawn to perfection by Alfredo Acala! $150.00

Bruce Bolinger
Encounter Group Gag Cartoon Bolinger wit and wisdom with an alien encounter few of us have ever seen. $50.00
Follow Me Home Gag Cartoon A young boy want to have a new pet on this funny cartoon. $50.00

John Buscema
Conan the Barbarian #63 Pg. 21 Classic end page with Conan from the Marvel Comics run with Steve Gan inks! ON HOLD

Sergio Cariello
Azrael: Agent of the Bat #93 pg. 11 Mighty page with Azrael taking on a bad guy from the popular DC series. $100.00

Yalcin Dagli
Kizilmaske Album #180 Turkish Cover (The Phantom) Stellar shot of "The Ghost Who Walks" from the popular Turkish comic. $200.00
Mister No #95 Turkish Cover The Italian man of action, Mister No, as published in Istanbul. $200.00
Sihirbaz (Mandrake the Magician) #62 Turkish Cover Astonishing example of Lee Falk's popular detective/magician licensed in Turkey. $175.00

Butch Guice
Amber Blake #2 pg. 33 Detailed page with our hero caught in a crossfire from the pen of Butch Guice! $200.00
Amber Blake #2 pg. 44 On this page Amber rests from her ordeal as children play outside her window. $125.00
Amber Blake #3 Operation Dragonfly Front Cover Fantastic front cover for the slick spy series by Jackson Guice! 2000 OR BEST OFFER
Amber Blake Character Studies #2 Brilliant pencil example by Butch of Amber's handsome partner, Matt. $95.00
Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis Pencil Rough Rough sketch of Aquaman fighting a warrior that was later used in one of the panel pages. $75.00
Archangel #2 & #3 Cover Rough Two great covers roughed out in soft pencil signed by the artist for the sci-fi series! $95.00
Archangel #3 pg. 11 Pencils Henderson and his hit men search for their mark as they crash a dance party. $100.00
Archangel #3 pg. 12/13 Pencils Pulse-pounding action on this double page splash with a blistering ambush in a bar. $125.00
Archangel #3 pg. 19 Pencils All hell breaks loose as Pilot, Naomi, and Vince are caught under a machine gun assault. $100.00
Archangel #3 pg. 21 Pencils Eight panel page with Junior and his crew on the offensive against their many enemies. $100.00
Archangel #3 pg. 22 Pencils Engaging page with Henderson and his killers as he plans his next move against our trio. $95.00
Archangel Character Studies #1 Concept sketches of Mr. Baby done by the artist to prepare for the series. $100.00
Archangel Character Studies #2 Early character studies for Pilot by Guice to prepare for the sci-fi series. $100.00
Archangel Character Studies #3 Dashing character studies for Vince to flesh out the hero for the limited series. $95.00
Archangel Character Studies #4 Junior Henderson is shown here in his early sketches for the exciting William Gibson story. $95.00
Blade Runner: Origins Cover Striking cover image from the popular series created by Philip K. Dick! 1800 OR BEST OFFER
Captain America Variant Pencil Cover #3 Rough Pencil cover rough for one of Butch's latest cover with the Star Spangled Avenger! $125.00
Conan the Barbarian #5 Variant Cover Dynamic cover starring Robert E. Howard's most popular creation, Conan, fighting with giant demons! 1500 OR BEST OFFER
Empyre Captain America Variant Cover #3 Spectacular cover with the Star-Spangled Avenger taking on a huge monster! 1800 OR BEST OFFER
NEW Heavy Metal #302 Taarna #2 pg. 2 Spectacular sci-fi page with the beautiful Taarna from the recent issue of Heavy Metal magazine! $350.00
NEW Heavy Metal #302 Taarna #2 pg. 3 Dazzling panel page with loads of detail from the second installment of the science fiction story. $300.00
NEW Heavy Metal #302 Taarna #2 pg. 8 Another fantastic panel page highlighting a bleak future for the world. $250.00
Invaders #12 Pencil Cover Rough Detailed cover rough with the Invaders running into another adventure. $100.00
Invaders #6 Pencil Cover Rough Explosive pencil cover rough with King Namor taking on Captain America! $125.00
Metal #2 pg. 1 On a cluster of alien worlds, warfare is a way of life for its many subjects. $100.00
Metal #2 pg. 2 Warriors die only to be reborn in another body as shown on this slick French example. $125.00
Metal #2 pg. 3 Daring page showcasing the artist's photo realistic attention to detail. $100.00
Metal #2 pg. 4 A lovely lass finds a slain soldier on this slick panel page from Guice. $100.00
Metal #2 pg. 43 Two warriors from the future fight to the death on this slick example from the graphic novel. $100.00
Metal #2 pg. 44 One soldier goes wild on this well rendered page from the French sci-fi series. $125.00
Metal #2 pg. 46 Powerful science fiction action with a lass and warrior in free fall! $125.00
Metal #2 pg. 5 Electrifying page for the European market from one of the hardest working men in comics today! $100.00
The Expendables #1 pg. 31 Spectacular action page with the Expendables fighting ancient warriors on this thrilling example! $150.00
The Expendables #1 pg. 32 A giant warrior from the past fights a modern soldier on this bone-crunching panel page. $150.00
The Expendables #1 pg. 36 Killers from the past confront our wild mercenaries from Louisiana on this slick piece. $100.00
The Futurist #1 pg. 11 Lifelike example with Blevins and his soldier looking to solve a mystery. $125.00
The Futurist #1 pg. 12/13 Timeless double splash page with Officer Blevins searching a tomb in the lost land of Shambhala! $300.00
The Futurist #1 pg. 14 Explosive action page with soldiers in trouble on this great example. $125.00
The Futurist #1 pg. 15 Natives attack the British soldiers on this well rendered panel page from the first issue. $100.00
The Futurist #1 pg. 16 More action and adventure from Guice's newest comic art gig, The Futurist! $125.00
The Futurist #1 pg. 18 Blevins is assaulted by some weird supernatural forces on this slick example. $100.00
The Futurist #1 pg. 19 Teddy Gunn takes on the demons in this nice action page from the new Allegiance Comic company. $125.00
The Futurist #1 pg. 20 Amazing action page with a demon attacking a British soldier. $125.00
The Futurist #1 pg. 21 Lovely piece done in Jackson Guice's photo realistic style. $100.00
The Futurist #1 pg. 22 Gorgeous panel page with slick Rick Magyar inks from Allegiance Arts. $125.00
The Futurist #1 pg. 23 Emotional panel page from the new comic company with plenty of Butch Guice action! $125.00
The Futurist #1 pgs. 2/3 Stunning double page splash with loads of tiny detail from one of Guice's newest projects. $375.00
The Futurist #2 pg. 17 Attractive splash page from the hot new series found at your local Walmart. $150.00
The Futurist #2 pg. 18 Wonderfully rendered pages from the hot new series sold exclusively at Walmart. $125.00
The Futurist #2 pg. 19 Moody panel page from one of the hardest working men in comics! $125.00
The Futurist #2 pg. 20 Great shots of Teddy Gunn as he works his way through another mystery. $125.00
NEW The Futurist #2 pg. 21 Another exciting panel page from the hot new fantasy series. $125.00
The Futurist #2 pg. 3 Action and adventure with our hero fighting soldiers out to capture him. $125.00
The Futurist #2 pg. 4 Skillfully rendered panel page signed by the artist! $125.00
The Futurist #2 pg. 7 Quiet page with the schoolgirls solving a mystery. $125.00
The Futurist #2 pg. 8 More schoolgirl adventures are highlighted on this well rendered panel page. $125.00
NEW The Futurist #3 pg.11 Pencils An unusual catch of the day is highlighted on this dazzling pencil page from the hot new adventure series! $125.00
NEW The Futurist #3 pg.12 Pencils One more delicate pencil panel age by the talented Jackson Guice. $125.00
NEW The Futurist #3 pg.13 Pencils Stylish pencil page from the action adventure series exclusive to Walmart stores. $125.00
NEW The Futurist #3 pg.14 Pencils An underwater battle to the death is showcased here on this slick panel page. $125.00
NEW The Futurist #3 pg.18 Pencils Beautifully rendered pencil page with our two-fisted hero being slugged with a blackjack! $125.00
The Life and Death of Toyo Harada #2 pg. 24 Visionary example by Butch Guice, one of the hardest working men in comics today! $100.00
Turok #5 Pencil Cover Rough Energetic pencil rough with Turok and Andar under attack from some flying "honkers." $100.00
Ultimate Origins #1 pg 9 Sharp blue line page with some great Guice inks of soldiers. $100.00
Ultimate Origins #3 pg. 11 Professor X lectures his students on this nice example from The House of Ideas. $100.00
Ultimate Origins #3 pg. 18 A young Professor X and Magneto as showcased on this example as they search the Savage Land! $100.00
Ultimate Origins #3 pg. 4 The Fantastic Four gather together to solve a new mystery on this nice example. $100.00
Ultimate Origins #4 pg. 10 Images of the "new" Nick Fury as he is called on to perform another impossible mission. $95.00
Ultimate Origins #4 pg. 12 Moody panel page with a young scientist named Bruce Banner! $100.00
Ultimate Origins #4 pg. 13 A top secret lab prepares for the biggest experiment of their lives with Dr. Banner. $100.00
Ultimate Origins #4 pg. 5 One amazing soldier handles his anger with another officer on this well rendered Marvel page. $95.00

Phil Interlandi
Queenie Daily Cartoon Inspired lawyer gag by the popular Playboy cartoonist from the 1960s. $150.00

Mel Keefer
Mac Divot Daily Sporting daily from 1960s with Mac in a golf tournament missing a big shot! $95.00

Yucel Koksal
The Invisible Man #21 Turkish Cover Exciting cover image based on H.G. Wells horror story done with Turkish flair! $175.00
Zagor #119 Turkish Cover Explosive cover starring the Italian Western hero, Zagor as he jumps ship! $200.00

Jeff Koterba
Democratic Strategy Meeting Political Cartoon The donkeys are heading up a new strategy against their elephant opponents on this fun piece. $100.00
E-Coli Editorial Cartoon Great Koterba cartoon with a desperate farmer trying to solve his cattle problems! $85.00
Face on Mars Editorial Cartoon Another wacky take by Koterba of the headlines with Martians invading Earth! $85.00
Obama and Fat Cat Political Cartoon President Obama talks with Wall Street Greed to make some needed changes. $125.00
The Sky is Falling Political Cartoon The GOP budget critics are having a bad day on this well rendered political cartoon. $100.00

A. Kuzgun
Kizilmaske #94 Turkish Cover (The Phantom) Classic Phantom image by Aslan Sukur's apprentice, Kuzgun, that are much harder to find. $200.00

Omer Muz
Teksas Western #101 Turkish Cover Glenn Ford is featured on this slick Turkish Western painted example. $150.00
Teksas Western #108 Turkish Cover Another great image of a hired gun working on his chosen trade. $125.00
Teksas Western #115 Turkish Cover The frontiersman, Blek, demonstrates his tremendous strength on this colorful Western cover. $150.00
Teksas Western #130 Turkish Cover Our big two-fisted hero, Blek, takes on another Redcoat on this striking cover image. $150.00
Teksas Western #135 Turkish Cover Exciting gunfighter in a quick-draw done in Omer's lush style. $125.00
Teksas Western #137 Turkish Cover The giant Blek roughs up another villain on this good cover image. $150.00
Teksas Western #149Turkish Cover Astonishing cover image highlighting Spaghetti Western actor Klaus Kinski. $150.00
Teksas Western #154 Turkish Cover Blek fights another soldier on this slick painted cover for the Turkish series. $150.00
Teksas Western #165 Turkish Cover An Indian Brave is shot on this good example from the Turkish cover Artist. $125.00
Teksas Western #170 Turkish Cover Solid image of Italian Western character, Blek, done for the Turkish publication. $150.00
Teksas Western #171 Turkish Cover Strong cover with Western characters from the popular Turkish publisher. $125.00
Teksas Western #175 Turkish Cover Stirring montage of images highlighting Turkey's love with the American West! $125.00
Teksas Western #191 Turkish Cover Striking image of a horse soldier on this nice Turkish Western cover. $125.00
Teksas Western #196 Turkish Cover Italian frontier hero, Blek, defuses another tense situation on this great cover. $150.00
NEW Teksas Western #205 Turkish Cover The two-fisted hero Belk takes on another rogue in this colorful painted cover. $150.00
Tommiks Western #101 Turkish Cover Classic image of Italian hero Captain Miki does for the Turkish publication. $150.00
Tommiks Western #110 Turkish Cover Dashing cover published at the height of the Spaghetti Western craze. $125.00
Tommiks Western #112 Turkish Cover A quick draw in the streets of a small Western town are highlighted on this nice foreign cover. $150.00
Tommiks Western #117 Turkish Cover Colorful Turkish comic version of Frances' Western character, Captain Miki! $150.00
Tommiks Western #120 Turkish Cover Superior image of the young Captain Miki as he provides justice across the West. $150.00
Tommiks Western #125 Turkish Cover Great image of the gunfighter, Honda, on this action packed cover. $125.00
Tommiks Western #125 Turkish Cover A prospector and his young scout are showcased on this nice Western example. $125.00
Tommiks Western #132 Turkish Cover A gunfighter is ready for the showdown on this rip-roaring cover from the East. $150.00
Tommiks Western #140 Turkish Cover One more well rendered painted Western cover by Turkish artist Omer Muz. $125.00
Tommiks Western #149 Turkish Cover Thrilling cover art based on another Spaghetti Western with Captain Miki. $150.00
Tommiks Western #155 Turkish Cover Another striking image on this Turkish Western cover artwork by Muz. $125.00
Tommiks Western #155 Turkish Cover Vivid montage image showcasing America's Wild West from a Turkish comic publisher. $175.00
Tommiks Western #161 Turkish Cover Sharp layout with a beautiful woman and her gunfighter boyfriend, Honda. $125.00
Tommiks Western #175 Turkish Cover Exciting Western cover with Turkey's greatest gunfighter by artist Omer Muz! $150.00
Tommiks Western #190 Turkish Cover A cowboy is caught in a buffalo stampede on this colorful Turkish cover. $150.00
Tommiks Western #200 Turkish Cover Valiant image of Captain Miki on his mount for this Turkish Western cover. $150.00
Tommiks Western #211 Turkish Cover Handsome Turkish cover showcasing the American Wild West! $125.00
Tommiks Western #219 Turkish Cover One more shootout with an Old Timer on this colorful Western cover. $125.00

Ed Nofziger
ANIMALogic Daily Lots of "monkey business" on this charming panel from the popular feature. $100.00
Chloe Daily 1 Amusing piece with our favorite elephant and her monkey pal up to no good again! $85.00
Chloe Daily 2 Chloe tries to help a confused elephant on this funny little piece from 1963. $85.00
Chloe Daily 3 An ape that loves to protest is featured on this fun cartoon from the seventies. $95.00
Chloe Daily 4 Fun jungle strip starring hippo Chloe and her pals from one of the best funny "bigfoot" animal artists. $95.00
Jasper and Chloe Daily More adventures of a friendly hippo and her monkey pal on this cute daily. $95.00
Mildred The Zookeeper's Daughter Sunday Wacky Sunday by the "Big Foot" animal cartoonist about a precocious child! $100.00

Jesse Santos
Spine-Tingling Tales #3 Cover Detailed and signed 9.5 x 12.5 inch Gold Key cover by the Filipino master from 1975 of a barbarian and mermaid in battle. 950 OR BEST OFFER

Christie Scheele
Avengers #258 pg.16 Color Guide Luminous John Buscema color guide with Skrulls from Marvel Comics. $50.00
Avengers #258 pg.18 Color Guide Sexy villains and Captain Marvel on this slick color guide from 1985. $60.00

Dan Spiegle
Action Comics Weekly #603 pg. 5 The mysterious Secret Six are showcased on this nice example from the late Dan Spiegle. $125.00
Brave and the Bold #164 pg. 2 Nemesis is in another tight spot on this slick panel page from DC Comics. $125.00
Brave and the Bold #184 pg. 31 Explosive panel page with the detective Nemesis trying to avoid a live grenade! $125.00
Brave and the Bold #188 pg. 6 Nemesis knocks out a spring trap as he saves the day one more time. $125.00
Brave and the Bold #188 pg. 7 Intense scenes from the the knockout DC spy series from the 1980s. $125.00
Brave and the Bold #174 pg. 3 All-out action and adventure with DC's spy Nemesis from the short-lived series. $125.00
Brave and the Bold #176 pg. 2 Our favorite spy asks for help from an old friend on this nice example. $125.00
Brave and the Bold #176 pg. 3 Nemesis follows the clues of the Chess Master trying to catch a killer. $125.00
Brave and the Bold #176 pg. 4 Bold DC Comics panel page starring the spy know as Nemesis. $125.00
Brave and the Bold #178 pg.3 Distinctive panel page with the super spy Nemesis by the talented Gold Key artist. $125.00
Brave and the Bold #178 pg.5 The American spy visits England on this nice panel page from DC Comics. $125.00
Brave and the Bold #183 pg. 5 Exciting page with a Nemesis double in action from DC Comics. $125.00
Crossfire #12 pg. 5 Crossfire runs from a fanatic in a wax museum on the slick panel page. $125.00
Crossfire #15 pg. 09 Chilling example with our hero ready to scale a wall looking for clues to a crime. $125.00
Crossfire #15 pg. 2 Interesting panel page with Crossfire taking back a bad guy! $125.00
Crossfire #15 pg. 25 Extreme action page done in Dan's slick style from his favorite title. $125.00
Crossfire #17 pg. 1 (2nd Story) Solid splash page showcasing air ace Russell Leeds and his air show. $125.00
Crossfire #17 pg. 10 Attractive example by Spiegle on this Crossfire panel page. $125.00
Crossfire #17 pg. 14 The villain scavenger returns to take on the high-flying hero on this slick example! $125.00
Crossfire #2 pg. 17 Skilled example with Mr. Endicott at a wax museum with a Hopalong Cassidy display. $125.00
Crossfire #2 pg. 23 Spectacular action page with Crossfire saving the day on this well rendered example! $125.00
Crossfire #2 pg. 25 Bone-crunching battle page with Crossfire and Scavenger from Eclipse Comics. $125.00
Crossfire #4 pgs. 2/3 Daring double page splash with our hero Crossfire coming to the rescue once again! $250.00
Crossfire #5 pg. 26 Bombastic splash page with an exploding helicopter with lots of detail! $125.00
Crossfire #5 pg. 5 Our hero suffers a loss while he is under attack on this slick panel page. $125.00
Crossfire #6 pg. 20 Crossfire and a pirate fight to the death on this thrilling action page! $125.00
Crossfire/Rainbow #12 pg. 26 Traditional end page with Crossfire caught by the police by Dan Spiegle. $125.00
DNAgents #17 pg. 25 A fight breaks out on this slick example from Eclipse Comics. $125.00
DNAgents #17 pg. 26 One great panel page from the talented hand of Dan Spiegle! $125.00
Elvira, Mistress of the Dark #2 pg. 3 The lovely Elvira is struck down by a giant hand on a movie set on this great page. $125.00
Elvira, Mistress of the Dark #2 pg. 5 The movie host is on another adventure on this slick panel page. $125.00
Elvira, Mistress of the Dark #2 pg. 8 Kooky end page with the lovely Elvira by the talented Gold Key artist! $125.00
Elvira, Mistress of the Dark #3 pg. 4 Gorgeous Elvira is caught under a giant ape's paw of this fun page from the spooky series! $125.00
Elvira, Mistress of the Dark #3 pg. 6 Elvira is showing off for the camera once again on this nice panel page. $125.00
Elvira, Mistress of the Dark #4 pg. 12 Exceptional example with the lovely horror host from the Claypool Comics run. $125.00
Elvira, Mistress of the Dark #4 pg. 6 Fun half splash with Elvira as she is caught in the middle of some excitement. $125.00
Elvira, Mistress of the Dark #5 pg. 9 One more sexy panel page with the delightful Elvira done by Dan Spiegle. $125.00
Elvira, Mistress of the Dark #6 pg. 21 Dazzling end page from another wacky horror story with Elvira. $125.00
Elvira, Mistress of the Dark #6 pg. 3 The horror hostess deals with a stuffy butler on this nice Claypool example. $125.00
Ghosts #103 pg. 10 A young boy has some weird experiences on this nice DC horror page. $125.00
Ghosts #103 pg. 3 Solid panel page from one of DC Comics long running mystery titles. $125.00
Ghosts #103 pg. 4 Creepy example with a daughter who takes a boat ride with a ghost! $125.00
Hellraiser #1 pg. 10 Dan uses a card came to tell the story on this Western horror page. $125.00
Hellraiser #1 pg. 16 Cool page from Clive Barker's horror epic published by Marvel Comics. $125.00
Hellraiser #1 pg. 8 Weird example were they search for the puzzle box drawn by comic veteran Dan Spiegle! $125.00
Hellraiser #1 pg. 9 Unusual layout on this nice panel page from the Marvel Comics horror one-shot. $125.00
House of Mystery #305 pg. 4 One crooked Santa Claus hides from the police on this nice comic example. $125.00
House of Mystery #305 pg. 7 A burglar disguised as Santa Clause is discovered as the police move in to capture him! $125.00
Jonah Hex #34 pg. 11 Our gunfighter gets thrown in jail by his pappy on a trumped up charge! $125.00
Jonah Hex #36 pg. 2 No Hex, but a bunch of hombres up to no good on this good DC example. $125.00
Jonah Hex #38 pg. 16 Hex gets caught up with some owlhoots in an avalanche on this slick page. $125.00
Jonah Hex #38 pg. 9 The gunfighter and his party are pinned down by an Indian sniper on this thrilling example. $125.00
Jonah Hex #39 pg. 15 Jonah and an old prospector get mixed up with some thieves on this good page. $125.00
Jonah Hex #39 pg. 7 A cowboy runs into trouble with an Indian war party on this DC Western page. $125.00
Jonah Hex #39 pg. 8 Mr. Hex is out scouting with an old prospector on this nice DC panel page. $125.00
Jonah Hex #40 pg. 16 Moody page with Indian in the rain capturing a crook! $125.00
Jonah Hex #40 pg. 5 A sneaky salesman is featured on this interesting page from the Western series. $125.00
Jonah Hex #54 pg. 14 Frightening page with Hex trying to save some settlers from advancing Indians on this slick example. $125.00
Medal of Honor #3 pg.10 The horrors of war showcased on this chilling war page from the limited series. $125.00
Medal of Honor #3 pg.14 Gritty war page with lots of great detail by veteran artist Dan Spiegle. $125.00
Medal of Honor #3 pg.16 Marvelous end page with Sgt. Sjorgen receiving the Congressional Medal of Honor! $125.00
Mystery Comics Digest #11 pg. 138 Fighting over a ventriloquist dummy leads to murder on this chilling page. $125.00
Mystery Comics Digest #11 pg. 139 One little doll adds up to a lot of trouble as he manipulates two ventriloquists. $125.00
Mystery Comics Digest #11 pg. 140 A dummy leads to murder on this eerie Twilight Zone type story from Gold Key. $125.00
Mystery in Space #114 pg. 2 Earthlings are welcome on this planet of dogs , but it comes with a catch! $125.00
Mystery in Space #114 pg. 3 Another "quiet" page with life in future for a father and his sons. $125.00
Mystery in Space #114 pg. 4 A race of dog soldiers try to take over earth explorers in this future space tale. $125.00
Saint George #3 pg. 4 Moving images of the hero Saint George from the Marvel Comics series. $125.00
Saint George #7 pg. 26 A nice action page from the Marvel Comics title about the legendary hero. $125.00
Secrets of Haunted House #30 pg. 6 The mysterious Mister E dives into another thrilling case on the nice DC comics page. $125.00
Secrets of Haunted House #32 pg. 5 A zombie rises up from a graveyard on this chilling DC Comics piece. $125.00
Secrets of Haunted House #33 pg. 6 A con man has to face the music, thanks to the psychic detective, Mister E. $125.00
Secrets of Haunted House #35 pg. 3 Chilling example with the blind occult detective, Mister E, from DC Comics. $125.00
Secrets of Haunted House #39 pg. 15 Blindness finds a way to fight the Frankenstein monster on this slick panel page. $125.00
Secrets of Haunted House #39 pg. 20 Mister E is attacked by a wild dog on this thrilling page from the mystery series. $125.00
Secrets of Haunted House #41 pg. 8 A prison break take s a convict on a wild ride on this slick DC example. $125.00
Sgt. Rock Annual #2 pg. 8 Jungle warfare is illustrated for the reader on this nice example. $125.00
Sgt. Rock Annual #2 pg. 10 Rock's brother, Frank, has a flashback to childhood on this well rendered panel page. $125.00
Soulsearchers and Company #10 pg. 3 Little Arnold Stanley does an interview for the press on this amusing page from Claypool Comics. $125.00
Swamp Thing #6 pg. 26 The Phantom Stranger looks for clues to a murder on this good panel page from DC. $125.00
Swamp Thing #6 pg. 5 The Ghost Sleuth watches over a tense situation on this good DC example. $125.00
Tragg and the Sky Gods #3 pg.19 Sky Gods question their captive on this beautiful piece from Gold Key. $125.00
Tragg and the Sky Gods #3 pg.20 Caveman Tragg is captured by the Sky Gods on this well rendered larger page. $125.00
Tragg and the Sky Gods #6 pg. 6 Space aliens fight between themselves in this Don Glut wild Gold Key series. $125.00
Tragg and the Sky Gods #6 pg.11 Another large page from Gold Key Comics with cavemen who fight aliens! $125.00
Tragg and the Sky Gods #7 pg.15 Technology verses brute force on this explosive large page from Gold Key Comics! $125.00
Tragg and the Sky Gods #7 pg.29 The dinosaurs turn on the aliens causing a huge explosion on this great page. $125.00
Tragg and the Sky Gods #7 pg.6 Savage Caveman fight Aliens on this great oversized page from the fun comic series. $125.00
Tragg and the Sky Gods #7 pg.8 Classic action and adventure on these lovely larger pages done in Spiegle's unique style! $125.00
True Crime #4 pg. 10 John Gotti is now a member of the family on this great panel page. $125.00
True Crime #4 pg. 15 Great images of mobster John Gotti as he moves up in the mafia by Spiegle. $125.00
True Crime #4 pg. 2 FBI agents surround the cult compound on this thrilling piece. $125.00
True Crime #4 pg. 3 Thrilling page about the FBI standoff with the religious cult. $125.00
True Crime #4 pg. 4 Haunting page highlighting the Branch Davidians and David Koresh. $125.00
True Crime #4 pg. 6 Startling piece showcasing the cult following and the infamous leader, David Koresh. $125.00
True Crime #4 pg. 8 Great layout with David Koresh in the center by the talented Gold Key artist. $125.00
True Crime Special #3 pg. 6 Gangsters in checked suits fight it out on this exciting example from Eclipse Comics. $125.00
Unknown Soldier #251 pg. 4 Music is the connection between to sworn enemies on this detailed DC war page. $125.00
Unknown Soldier #258 pg. 5 Grim detailed war story page showing all the horrors of armed conflict. $125.00
Unknown Soldier #258 pg. 6 Hot battle page from the second story of this popular DC war title. $125.00
Warhawks Comic Module #6 pg. 1 Scary Bad Boys full splash page with creatures in jars from the pen of the Gold Key veteran. $125.00
Warhawks Comic Module #6 pg. 11 Exciting full splash page with a gunship attacking a group of mercenaries done in Spiegle's unique style. $125.00
Warhawks Comic Module #2 pg. 10 Spectacular full splash page with soldiers in action in the jungle! $125.00
Warhawks Comic Module #2 pg. 2 Fabulous panel page with a car chase deep in the jungles of Africa! $125.00
Warhawks Comic Module #2 pg. 5 Never take a knife to a gun fight as shown on this telling page. $125.00
Weird War Tales #96 pg. 3 Some grim combat action is featured on this well rendered panel page. $125.00
Weird War Tales #109 pg. 10 Medusa and Frankenstein as featured on this great DC war page from the 1980s. $125.00
Weird War Tales #109 pg. 2 An alien spacecraft lands to talk with the president on this well rendered page from DC Comics. $125.00
Weird War Tales #109 pg. 4 Russian Comrade Stalin is featured on this well rendered panel page. $125.00
Weird War Tales #109 pg. 6 A ghost attacks Joseph Stalin on this creepy war page from DC Comics! $125.00
Weird War Tales #111 pg. 10 An Army officer gets his new orders to deploy his wild unit, The Creature Commandos. $125.00
Weird War Tales #97 pg. 10 Patriotic war page with a spirit spying on President Franklin Delano Roosevelt $125.00
Weird War Tales #97 pg. 3 Historic shots of Franklin Roosevelt and his war panel from this popular DC title. $125.00
Weird War Tales #97 pg. 7 Unforgettable title page with Sir Winston Churchill reading a report on Stalin. $125.00

Aslan Sukur
Gordon #40 Turkish Cover (Flash Gordon) Beautiful cover showcasing the winged Hawkmen, allies of Flash Gordon of Earth! $100.00
Gordon #44 Turkish Cover (Flash Gordon) Flash Gordon pulls his ray gun prepared for an attack on this colorful Turkish example. $100.00
Gordon #53 Turkish Cover (Flash Gordon) Colorful image of another villain that takes on the Earth hero, Flash Gordon. $100.00
Gordon #75 Turkish Cover (Flash Gordon) Alex Raymond's most famous creation published in Turkey. $175.00
Gordon #92 Turkish Cover (Flash Gordon) Stirring Flash Gordon cover from publisher Tay Fasikul in Turkey. $175.00
Kizilmaske Album #105 Turkish Cover (The Phantom) A hunter has the drop on the Phantom on this nice Turkish example! $200.00
Kizilmaske Album #108 Turkish Cover (The Phantom) Lively cover with The Phantom and a savage lion from the popular foreign series. $200.00
Kizilmaske Album #121 Turkish Cover (The Phantom) Vivid image of the Phantom as he is challenged by a strange Knight from the past on this slick cover. $200.00
Kizilmaske Album #125 Turkish Cover (The Phantom) The Phantom battles a vicious crocodile on this thrilling Turkish cover. $150.00
Kizilmaske Album #134 Turkish Cover (The Phantom) Explosive action as Lee Falk's hero blasts his way out of danger on this colorful cover. $200.00
Kizilmaske Album #138 Turkish Cover (The Phantom) The Phantom is about to be thrown into a tiger pit on this thrilling foreign cover. $225.00
Kizilmaske Album #138 Turkish Cover (The Phantom) Our jungle hero captures another villain on this well rendered cover from Turkey. $200.00
Kizilmaske Album #155 Turkish Cover (The Phantom) The Ghost Who Walks is ready for a cobra strike on this thrilling foreign cover. $200.00
Kizilmaske Album #228 Turkish Cover (The Phantom) The Phantom explores a cave on this nice cover from the Turkish comic series. $175.00
Kizilmaske Album #240 Turkish Cover (The Phantom) With a mighty blow, The Phantom stops a baron from a cruel whipping. $225.00
Kizilmaske Album #263 Turkish Cover (The Phantom) Ghostly cover image with the Phantom documenting another one of his many adventures. $175.00
Kizilmaske Album #49 Turkish Cover (The Phantom) Wild cover art with the Phantom trapped by some peace loving bikers! $200.00
Kizilmaske Album #50 Turkish Cover (The Phantom) The jungle warrior tries to escape from a vicious shark attack on this great cover image. $225.00
Kizilmaske Album #65 Turkish Cover (The Phantom) Stunning bright cover with a bandit sneaking up on Lee Falk's timeless hero. $175.00
Kizilmaske Album #83 Turkish Cover (The Phantom) Wild cover image with The Phantom and Devil from the foreign series. $175.00
Kizilmaske Album #85 Turkish Cover (The Phantom) Explosive cover with a volcano going off as villagers run for their lives! $150.00
Kizilmaske Album #91 Turkish Cover (The Phantom) Our jungle hero welcomes a good fight when he finds one as sown of this bright cover! $175.00
Kizilmaske Album #93 Turkish Cover (The Phantom) A modern day pirate is ready to fight the Red Mask, or The Phantom as he is known in Turkey. $100.00
Kizilmaske Album #99 Turkish Cover (The Phantom) Marvelous image of The Ghost Who Walks as he is stacked by a leopard. $200.00
Kizilmaske Big Album #10 Turkish Cover (The Phantom) The Phantom saves a young boy on this nice cover art from Turkey. $150.00
Kizilmaske Super Album #111 Turkish Cover (The Phantom) Striking image of "The Ghost Who Walks" as he dodges a jungle cat. $200.00
Mandrake Super Album #50 Turkish Cover Mandrake's assistant, Lothar, is tortured on this slick cover from the Turkish series. $100.00
Mandrake Super Album #57 Turkish Cover The globetrotting magician has the firepower to solve another mystery! $175.00
Spaceman #12 Turkish Cover Another colorful Turkish Cover by the self taught artist from the 1970s. $100.00

Frank Thorne
Red Sonja #4 pg. 14 Color Guide Spectacular color guide painted by Thorne of his most popular Marvel heroine! $85.00
Red Sonja #4 pg. 16 Color Guide Sonja and Mikal fight to save an alien race of this beautifully colored guide by Thorne. $85.00
Red Sonja #6 pg. 11 Color Guide Red Sonja is trapped by an insect goddess cared for by a mindless brute on this neat example! $75.00
Red Sonja #6 pg. 17 Color Guide Exceptional end page with Sonja and her companion on there way to another adventure in her sword and sorcery world. $75.00
Red Sonja #6 pg. 7 Color Guide Skilled painted example from Thorne's most popular series from Marvel Comics. $75.00

Leslie Turner
Captain Easy Daily Strip Wonderful piece from 1950 from a master of comic timing and the comic art form $100.00
Captain Easy Daily Strip Classic Leslie Turner piece from 1949 with all the right stuff! $100.00

Artist Unknown
Uncle Sam Political Cartoon Amusing cartoon with Uncle Sam trying to deal with American Industries! $50.00

Ron Wagner
X #7 pg. 19 Great Dark Horse action page with the mysterious "X" in action fighting to the death. $95.00

Tom Ziuko
Action Comics #589 Cover Color Guide Spectacular 7x10 inch image of Superman and the Green Lantern Corp. by John Byrne and Tom Ziuko! $450.00
Action Comics #606 Presentation Piece Finished Color Art Classic 11x17 inch presentation piece with a different color scheme from the original printed cover by DC artists Gammill, Nyberg, and colorist Ziuko. $250.00
Action Comics #625 Cover Color Guide Moody 7x10 inch color guide featuring DC Comics Deadman by artist Eduardo Barreto and colorist Tom Ziuko. $150.00
Action Comics #626 Cover Color Guide Dynamic image by the fantastic Gil Kane of DC's Nightwing masterfully painted by Ziuko for maximum effect! $150.00
Adventures of Superboy #18 Cover Color Guide Mighty cover image by Kevin Maguire colored by DC Comic veteran Tom Ziuko. $150.00
Adventures of Superman #430 Cover Color Guide Powerful 7x10 inch image with DC's Man of Steel on the attack drawn by Jerry Ordway and colored by Tom Ziuko! $225.00
Amazing Heroes #108 Finished Color Art Electrifying 11x17 cover image starring Charlton Comics heroes The Question and Captain Atom by Denys Cowan, Pat Broderick, and Tom Ziuko in all their glory. $200.00
Angel and the Ape #4 Cover Color Guide Amusing Phil Foglio cover wonderfully colored by Tom Ziuko for the DC Comics mini-series. $125.00
Aquaman Presentation Piece Finished Color Art Beautiful 8x11 inch piece with the King of the Seven Seas in his old style costume colored by Ziuko. $150.00
Berni Wrightson The Ghoul Finished Color Art Extra creepy 11x17 inch piece wonderfully colored by veteran artist Tom Ziuko. $275.00
Bugs Bunny Sunday Newspaper Strip Color Guide Funny piece for Warner Brothers favorite rabbit, Bugs Bunny, with call notes on this 9x11 inch color guide. $125.00
DCs Superman #4 Cover Color Guide The villain Bloodsport is showcased on this slick 7x10 inch cover guide from Byrne's classic run colored to perfection. $300.00
Dick Tracy Sunday Color Guide 1939 Dick and his squad chase a villain on this great 11x14 inch color guide example from the popular Chester Gould strip. $125.00
Dick Tracy Sunday Color Guide 1950 Some crooks firebomb Tracy's home on this thrilling Sunday from 1950 masterfully colored by Ziuko. $125.00
Dick Tracy Sunday Color Guide 1962 Tracy is on the case as someone has stolen the space coupe on the lovely colored Sunday page by Ziuko from a classic reprint. $125.00
Dick Tracy Sunday Color Guide 1978 Masterfully colored and historic Sunday page from later in the Tracy run. $125.00
Electric Warrior #3 Cover Color Guide Amazing Jim Baikie cover colored with flair by Tom Ziuko for the DC Comics series. $130.00
Hellblazer Special #1 Gallery Color Guide Striking 9x12 image from the gallery section of this special issue by Erskine and Ziuko. $125.00
Hellblazer Special #1 Gallery Color Guide #2 One more 9x12 image from the gallery section of this special issue by and unknown artist and Tom Ziuko. $125.00
Huntress #7 Cover Color Guide Moody piece on this 7x10 inch cover guide by Joe Staton colored by Tom Ziuko. $275.00
Iron Fist Mini Series #2 Pgs. 2/3 Here is a beautiful double splash page with Iron Fist from Marvel Comics a few years back wonderfully colored by Ziuko. The piece measures 11x17 inches. $150.00
Jack Davis' Fortune Teller Mystical greeting card art measuring 10x16 inches by Davis and colored by Ziuko. $250.00
Jack Davis' Superman #400 Pin Up Extreme image of Kent changing into Superman on this 8.5x11 inch piece by Davis and Ziuko. $350.00
Kelly Jones Deadman Finished Color Art Large 11x17 inch painted color piece by Ziuko over Jones macabre image of DC's superhero ghost! $250.00
Metropolis #1 Cover Color Guide John Byrne's 7x10 inch cover guide colored by Ziuko from the four issue DC Comics mini-series. $250.00
Metropolis #2 Cover Color Guide Good example by Byrne and Giordano on this 7x10 inch cover colored by Tom Ziuko. $250.00
New Gods #4 Cover Color Guide Action packed cover colored by Tom starring some of Jack Kirby's favorite DC heroes! $175.00
Power of the Atom #4 Cover Color Guide Luminous cover by Dwayne Turner with Hawkman colored to perfection by Ziuko for the DC Comics. $130.00
Skull and Bones Promotional Color Guide Art Thrilling image on this 10x13 inch espionage piece by Ed Hannigan and colored by Tom Ziuko! $200.00
Superboy #15 Cover Color Guide Superboy and other DC heroes are caught in a vortex on this lovely cover guide by Kevin Maguire, Ty Templeton, and Tom Ziuko. $175.00
Supergirl #16 Complete Interior Color Guides Ambush Bug guest stars in this 23 page issue drawn by Carmine Infantino and Bob Oskner with beautiful Tom Ziuko colors! $225.00
Supergirl #9 Cover Color Guide Striking Gil Kane cover art colored to perfection by veteran colorist Tom Ziuko! $325.00
Superman And Batman Finished Color Art Superior coloring by Tom on this super 11x17 inch image of DC's Dark Knight and the Man of Steel by Steve Rude! $275.00
Superman The Secret Years #1 Interior Color Guides Lex Luthor stars drawn by classic Superman artist Curt Swan with inks by Kurt Schaffenberger and colors by Ziuko! 22 Pages, missing page 1 of the whole issue. $250.00
The Demon Presentation Piece Finished Color Art #1 Ziuko's 9x11 coloring from Val Semeiks run on DC's, The Demon, makes a haunting combination. $100.00
The Demon Presentation Piece Finished Color Art #2 Another frightful 9x11 color piece by Val Semeiks and Tom Ziuko of Jack Kirby's, Etrigan, The Demon. $100.00
The Fly Presentation Piece Finished Color Art Exciting 7x10 inch presentation piece used by DC in slide shows for conventions by Mike Parobeck, colored by Ziuko. $175.00
The Jaguar Presentation Piece Finished Color Art High-flying 7x10 presentation piece by David Williams and Tom Ziuko of a revamped Charlton character for DC Comics. $100.00
The New Gods #10 Cover Color Guide Spectacular cover featuring the New God Orion, from Paris Cullins and colored by Tom Ziuko. $150.00
The New Gods #12 Cover Color Guide Stellar 7x10 image of DC Comics Fourth World series, The New Gods, by Paris Cullins. $150.00
The Shadow Presentation Piece Color Guide Mysterious 8.x10 inch image of the Master of Darkness deftly illustrated by Eduardo Barreto and colored by Tom Ziuko. $175.00
Thriller #11 Cover Color Guide Delicate Alex Nino cover masterfully colored by Ziuko for the DC mini-series. $125.00
Wild Dog Presentation Piece Finished Color Art Striking 11x17 inch example based on the Action Comics cover featuring the vigilante Wild Dog by Klaus Janson and Tom Ziuko. $200.00
Wonder Woman #50 Gallery Color Guide 2 Spectacular illustration of Princess Diana on this 8.5x11 inch piece by Matt Wagner and warmly colored by Tom. $175.00
Wonder Woman #50 Gallery Color Guide 4 Exceptional drawing of the Warrior Woman on this 8.5x11 inch piece by Cynthia Martin colored to perfection. $150.00
Wonder Woman #50 Gallery Color Guide 5 Superior drawing of the Demigoddess on this 8.5x11 inch piece by Chris Bachalo majestically colored. $150.00

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